Monday, December 13, 2010

Exhibition Night!!

The exhibition had a lot more guests than I thought it would! (I also thought I'd be one of the few who actually invited their parents...)

Sadly, I was an idiot and forgot my camera... But it was fun to show my parents what we've been doing all semester. They really seemed to enjoy the clay characters the best. ^_^

I think my baby nephew enjoyed the show, too, but not for the art... He got a kick out of flirting with all the ladies! :D

(BTW, the look on my dad's (who could usually be described as a proper gentleman...) face when he saw Brian's "washroom" video, and the "orgy under the blanket" video was HILARIOUS!! XD )


Took me a lot of tries to come up with something that looked OK, so by the time I did, my stencil looked like CRAP!!! :^(

Last Stabbinding book!!!

Color/Texture Accordian Book

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mark Making Device

My Hair!! :D No, actually not ":D" .... It was a pain to clean out of my hair, and I had to have a friend help me get all the braids out... :/ Oh, and never try the "windmill" with clothespins tied to the end of your hair. Just a heads-up.

BTW, Thanks Meredith; I stole the picture from you!
I'm not sure I actually liked how my marks came out, since they weren't anywhere near as bold as other people's.

Sontag Writing Assignment

purpose of photo: A picture of my friend as he helps me babysit my nephew. Kaden (nephew) really liked him, and they even had matching hair-dos! They were just too cute together. Meant as a cute picture to help me keep track of my nephew's growth, and to have something of my friend who is being deployed soon.
emotional connection: One of my closer friends, along with my nephew. Photo makes me smile every time I look at it.
context intent: Meant for me and my close relatives to view.

Purpose of photo: Show how much spray paint got on me during project.
Emotional Connection: Milah took the photo of me, so we were actually joking around although she says I "look creepy".
Context Intent: Meant to document work on the Inflatable project, or just to enjoy by friends.

Purpose of photo: Meant to be funny, and no other reason whatsoever.
Emotional Connection: No emotional connection, except for maybe to pity the rat?
Context Intent: Meant to be viewed by whoever finds this amusing, as often as they want. 

(2D) Representational Object Drawings



High Contrast